Small Pocket Diaper “Sleepy Sheep”

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*Dark blue inside

Looper’s Luffs diapers have a waterproof outer layer made with polyurethane laminate (PUL) and an inner layer of stay dry microfleece. Pul keeps baby’s clothes dry and microfleece keeps baby’s bottom dry. Our diapers feature a front pocket opening which makes stuffing easier and removing the inserts mess free! Small diapers fit up to approximately 15lbs

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Weight 42 g

Why use cloth diapers??? First and foremost cloth diapers are cheaper. Disposables can easily cost $2000 by the time baby is potty trained. Twenty cloth diapers will cost you less than $500 and last until baby is potty trained. Cloth diapers are better for the environment. The average child will go through thousands and thousands of diapers and every one of those diapers will end up in the landfill! Disposable diapers contain many chemicals that cloth does not. And the cutest reason to use cloth diapers? They are adorable on baby’s bottom!


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