ABOUT Looper’s Luffs

Looper’s Luffs provides handmade comfy, environmentally-friendly products for moms and babies. Creator, Jennifer Mckenzie, sews popular fabrics into essential products like GROW-WITH-ME clothing for babies and toddlers, as well as durable cloth diapers, reusable sanitary pads and breast pads.

Laying the Pattern

Looper’s Luffs started when Jennifer found herself spending her nights searching Pinterest for cloth diaper tutorials, after the birth of her second son. She could finally diaper her baby without the leaks and flaws of other cloth diapers. Once she’d sewn enough cloth diapers for herself and her sister-in-law, she just wasn’t ready to quit! Deciding that all mamas and babies deserved reliable cloth diapers, she decided to start selling them online.

The name for Looper’s Luffs comes from combining the names of her boys, Logan and Cooper, with an inside-joke she and her husband share (they say “luffs” instead of “I love You”).

Stitching the Story Together

At the request of her customers and, once again, a market that just couldn’t provide what mamas needed, the product line grew into GROW-WITH-ME clothes that can keep up with the tallest of babies. GROW-WITH-ME clothing has extra fabric at both the waist and cuffs, which easily unfold as your babies grow.

Jennifer didn’t stop there. Looper’s Luffs line-up now includes such essentials as reusable Paper Towel (a.k.a. “Unpaper Towel”), reusable breast pads and menstrual pads. 

More than 90% of the fabric and supplies for Looper’s Luffs, come from Canadian small businesses, also run by mamas. All products are sewn with high-quality fabrics, which are easier on your budget and kinder to the earth.

Jennifer couldn’t be prouder to support a Luff lifestyle at home and in business.

So Far, Sew Good

When she’s not sewing or answering to the name Mom, Jennifer loves to spend summers in her hammock with a good book, sneaking away with her husband of 10 years for a romantic night, and taking bike rides with her boys in beautiful Deer Lake, Newfoundland.  

Jennifer’s FAVOURITE Pieces